Fax to E-mail Services

Lunarpages’ Fax to Email service offers you the ability to send and receive faxes in a format just like your webmail interface. It provides simplicity, security and mobility for businesses that require reviews, signatures and approvals.

Fax 300 $9.99 /mo
300 pages per month Overages $0.10 per page
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Fax 500 $18.99 /mo
500 pages per month Overages $0.10 per page
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Fax 1000 $32.99 /mo
1000 pages per month Overages $0.10 per page
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Why do you need Fax to E-Mail

Because faxes remain an integral part of doing business today, contracts, approvals, legal documents – almost anything that needs a signature – requires fax transmission. The challenge has always been that the company fax machine is in one location – at the office – which has limited the ability to monitor when a fax has arrived or to keep the contents of faxed documents secure and private. Service and hardware costs to run a fax machine, (including additional phone lines and long distance phone service), has made faxing as we previously knew it, become outdated.

The Solution

With Fax to Email, the new fax-to-email service from Lunarpages, small businesses can leverage the advantages of mobility to send and receive faxes. In fact, you are able to access your faxes anywhere you can access your email or the Internet, on devices such as PCs, laptops and handhelds. The user-intuitive web application is designed to perform in a manner similar to webmail interfaces, and even allows you to organize and archive your faxes for up to 30 days. Due to the IP-driven data transfer, there are no long distance charges, no more costly fax machines, and no need for additional phone lines.

Privacy, Mobility and Cost Savings

Faxes arrive as PDF attachments into your email inbox and are directed via a unique, standard, toll-free fax number that is provided uniquely for you. To send faxes, simply select files, address your message with standard fax numbers – up to 20 recipients per fax – and click send. Files supported include MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and PDF’s. You receive email notification for successful/unsuccessful delivery and operate with a standard five-attempt auto resend feature.

Fax to Email Includes:

  • Distinct feature and pricing packages to meet your requirements
  • A toll-free fax number for each user
  • An intuitive, online interface
  • 30-day online archive with the ability to download and save faxes
  • File formats supported include WORD, EXCEL, PowerPoint and PDF

The Benefits

Secure Online Interface: Fax To Email features a secure and easy to use online interface that gives you greater control over sent and received faxes. Toll-Free Fax Number: You receive your own distinct toll-free fax number to eliminate additional phone line costs and long distance fees (USA & Canada only). Mobile Faxing: Faxes can be sent and received from anywhere with any Internet enabled device, providing a new sense of mobility for small and medium size business professionals. You receive faxes directly into your email inboxes as an added convenience. No Lost Faxes: You receive email confirmations for successful/unsuccessful deliveries to ensure no fax is ever lost. Received faxes go straight to your email inbox via PDF or TIFF format. Your Experience: Because each fax is received through the online manager and personal email box, the risk and inconvenience of having documents sit on fax machines at the office is eradicated. You experience a completely secure, private, and mobile service that is available to receive faxes 24 hours-a-day, seven days a week. Fax to Email is as mobile as you. Fax to Email Plans: We have designed three Fax to Email plans to compliment your business requirements.